this is what mr. JULIAN COPE wrote about our two releases on Holidays on his enlightening blog “address drudion”…

Finally, the Vinyl of the Month award must go to Italian curiosity In Zaire, whose two superb sides of 20+ minutes 12” vinyl are, unfortunately, spread across two entirely separate releases. Dammit! Yup, kiddies, the magnificent packshot you regard to your immediate right is a one-sided photo-etched affair released on Holidays Records (www.holidaysrecords.it) in high-art chocolate’n’fluoro green packaging of considerable yumminess. That the two tracks included therein contain enough seering and sustained early-Ash Ra Tempel-levels of acceleration for most bands entire LPs allows us to forgive In Zaire somewhat for their commercially inconsiderate (though refreshingly non-careerist) choices of scattered release. The other essential to check out, by the way, is their split vinyl LP shared with Scandinavian trio Skull Defects, also available on Holidays Records. The massive splurge of In Zaire’s side-long ‘Space Age’ should be required listening to anyone demanding transcendental otherness. Dial them in at http://www.myspace.com/inzaire – yeah, check out these druids prontina, Tontina!

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